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4DX Experience Review: Black Panther

When the mood for adventure happens to strike, I shall, from time to time, venture away from my favorite boutique art film cinema and join movie-going throngs at the Chinatown Regal megaplex, where one can select from a variety of extravagantly funded films about men and women in tight-fitting suits who fight a lot.

When I do this, despite having occasional high hopes for the latest offering to our modern American mythological canon, and also looking forward, admittedly, to the tight-fitting suits, I almost always regret it. But I have never regretted a movie-going decision more than experiencing the otherwise laudable superhero movie Black Panther in something called "4DX," which quite honestly I did not know existed until I purchased the insanely priced ticket. 

What is "4DX?" It is a combination of a 3D film with "physical effects" like water spraying, air bursts, tickling, seat-shaking or vibrating, supposed "smells," temperature changes, a…

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