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Countdown: 12 Best Allison Janney Movie Roles for which She Did Not Win An Oscar

Allison Janney is not above traditional Hollywood flattery to win roles -- a favorite go-to line in interviews is "I didn't even read the script before saying yes" (because so-and-so is sooo talented), but more importantly, she can play any role and rise to any occasion, from the depths of depressed to fantastic comedic highs.  She is one of the great chameleons.

It was a long journey from her feature film debut as "Lady Cop" in the unintentionally homoerotic flop masterpiece Cowboy Way to the credit she shall have from now on: Academy Award Winner Allison Janney. In the young 21st century, she has been the Meryl Streep of television, winning 6 Emmy awards for acting (creeping in on Cloris Leachman's record of 8), but achieving industry recognition in films (as well as being cast to her full potential) has taken longer. Since 1994, outside of her defining television roles on The West Wing and now Mom, she has had dozens of cameo and supporting roles in film…

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