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Film Review: Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

You may not remember, but the original Mamma Mia film, released ten years ago, is pretty darn strange. Half the male cast can't really sing (Pierce Bronson didn't even knowMamma Mia was a musical when he signed on, he just wanted to work with Streep). There are smash cuts which don't align and seem either careless and amateur or, at best, purposefully slapdash and surreal. There's a smash cut to an "Illuminati eye" on Stellan Skarsgard's knee, for some reason. Perhaps to tempt me. No, we won't go...there.

It was glorious sentimental schlock filmmaking, self-conscious camp which therefore wasn't camp but something else, something more obnoxious and yet also artful. Any critical attempt to tear it down -- and there were plenty! -- was easily trumped by Meryl Streep's miraculous rendition of "The Winner Takes It All" to James Bond, recorded in one take.  Despite the reviews, the film was an astonishing worldwide smash, an escape into b…

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