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The Leftovers Season Three: Paradisio

By Lukas Wilhelmi Paradise is a cup of tea. Not too hot and not yet cold. Fleeting, precious. With someone on the other side of the table who you choose to believe.  After 28 hours of television that was, just like its characters, always on the brink of madness itself, The Leftovers still found a new card up its sleeve: it became literal. Just two people (the holy couple, but still), a cup of tea, a few, soft close-ups and words. Everyone earned this sober ending--characters, writers and audiences alike. First, the show needed to mourn. Maybe, as Emily Nussbaum wrote, sobbing was the point in the first place. Acceptance is the only productive place. A soul-cleansing. Without loved-ones and meaning we moved to Texas, where The Leftovers  poked at Christianity for its contradictions & arrogances & mysteries. But, the show was always able to distinguish between religion and faith, between the institutional and the personal. Companies aren’t people. People are people. A

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